German Socialist MEP slams U.S. Congress on ETS: "Arrogant and ignorant" (John Kerry the only one who agrees with Europe)

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A leading MEP strongly reacted after the US Senate transport committee cleared a key vote on a measure that would ban American airlines from paying for their carbon emissions and participating in the EU’s controversial cap-and-trade scheme.

"The United States spurn international efforts to mitigate climate change," said German Socialist democratic MEP, Jo LEINEN, slamming a US bill under which American airlines would not pay into the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

Leinen called the upcoming decision by the U.S. Congress ‘arrogant’ and ‘ignorant’.
“It would be absolutely arrogant to prohibit American companies to comply with EU legislation. This would be an unprecedented step to thwart the legal standards in Europe. The decision would be ignorant as well because it neglects the increase in greenhouse gas emission caused by aviation. There shall be no special treatment for American Airlines," said Leinen.

The MEP argued that it would be surprising for the US to accept air passenger duties and taxes in Europe, but not the costs from the ETS.

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