RTCC: UK will lose influence at UNFCCC if it fails to be honest over ambition

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14 September 2012

By Ed King
A lesson of the past six years is that our influence globally depends on what we are doing at home. What used to be seen as purely domestic policy is now also a critical part of our foreign policy. In Britain we must redouble our effort to build a low carbon economy that works and is seen to work.
Those words were part of a valedictory statement in June 2012 from the UK’s last Ambassador for climate change, John Ashton, to a Parliamentary Committee.
If they were meant as a warning then, they appear vaguely prophetic now. Britain could be on the verge of blowing its hard fought authority at the UN climate talks out of the window.
Ashton’s words illustrate why a row in the UK between the independent and influential Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and the government over its energy investment plans will be watched closely around the world.