The CORI Initiative

Help Individuals in Need Seal Their Criminal Records (CORIs) to Allow for Greater Future Opportunities!

Volunteer with The CORI Initiative.

The CORI Initiative is an opportunity for NEL|B students of all years to:
-Aid Greater Boston’s indigent community
-Complete real-life legal work
-Develop client-communication skills
-Enhance legal writing skills
-Work in a team atmosphere
-Work with public interest and criminal justice-focused peers
-Contribute volunteer time towards a Public Service Notation on your transcript

As members of the CORI Initiative, we meet weekly on Friday afternoons starting at 2:00 PM in the St. James Ave. building.
At the weekly meetings, we maintain our client files by affidavit drafting, communicating with clients, and preparing the attendant documents for filing a petition to seal a CORI. There will also be regulation/ policy side-projects and opportunities to do intake at local courts during the year.

The Initiative is supervised by Professor David Siegel and managed by 3L Benjamin Y Jones.


There will be a training on the new CORI regulations for both new and old members on Sept. 14th by one of Boston’s CORI experts, Attorney Pauline Quirion of Greater Boston Legal Services.
What: CORI Initiative Training and First Meeting
When: Friday, Sept. 14th at 2:45 PM
Where: 31 St. James Ave., 3rd Fl., Ste. 350, Conference Room

If interested in attending the training, participating in the project, or have any questions about the CORI Initiative,
please contact