UNDP subsidizes energy in North Korea: pays $12,000 per year cooking and hot water energy for only 20 families


In DPR Korea, UNDP pays

$12,000 (KGS 600,000) = Cooking/hot water x 1 year x 20 families 

= $600 x Family/year = $50 x Family/month

= 5 times salary of a North Korean worker
(a North Korean earns less than $10 per month)

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The first modern biogas unit from Kyrgyzstan to go to North Korea

06/09-2012 12:10, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency , by Ivan MARCHENKO
The first modern biogas unit from Kyrgyzstan will go to North Korea. The head of Fluid Public Fund, Alexey Vedenev, reported to 24.kg news agency.
According to him, PF’s experts designed and produced BEM-50 biogas unit for a rural cooperative in North Korea. It will process up to three tons of manure per day and earn up to 120 cubic meters of biogas during the same time period. The unit will provide up to 20 families with the energy necessary for cooking and hot water supply, as well for domestic heating. There will be another product of processing – biological fertilizers capable of enhancing crop yields by 2-3 times.
As noted, the UNDP supported the export of biogas unit to North Korea. Its cost is KGS 600-700 thousand.
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