UNHCR gives $6 Million to Syria's Minister of Local Administration (UN continues to cooperate with the al-Assad Regime)

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Local Administration, Omar Ghalawanji discussed with chairman of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Damascus Tarke Kurdi cooperation between the two sides, particularly the procedures taken to prepare a partnership agreement to meet the humanitarian aid at the emergency cases.
"Executive subcommittees in the Syrian provinces have been formed to supervise operations of distributing the humanitarian assistances and guaranteeing justice," Ghalawanji said, appreciating the role of the Red Crescent Organization and the NGOs in helping the citizens during the crisis. 

He added that the Local Administration Ministry is doing its best to help the affected people, estimate their needs, affirming that it formed a central emergency committee to monitor the process of distributing the subsidies and humanitarian assistances. 

"There will be an agreement between the local administration Ministry and the UNHCR to cooperate in the acts of rehabilitation, preparing centers of shelter receive more citizens and offering monthly cash money for the affected people," Ghalawanji said....

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